“I highly recommend Dr. Lucinda Mitchell as a coach. At the beginning of my career as a therapist myself, working in community mental health, I really needed a safe place to process my own “stuff.” Dr. Mitchell offered compassionate support during difficult transitions, and she gently challenged some of my negative and limiting beliefs about myself. She helped me learn to set better boundaries with assertiveness and own my shadow personality or the parts of myself I didn’t want to look at as much. Dr. Mitchell is very warm and nonjudgmental, and she has insights that can help your growth and healing. I really enjoyed working with her and still believe I reap the benefits of our time together.”

— R.M.

“Dr. Mitchell was my therapist during some of the most difficult times of my life. My father had just been diagnosed with metastatic cancer and her guidance and empathy gave me clarity of mind to keep pushing forward. I know I needed a proactive approach to minimize the stress going forward and Dr Mitchell delivered that and so much more. Look no further for exceptional care, you’ll be happy you made the decision to meet her.”

— Laura P., MD

” I have met with Dr. Mitchell for several sessions now and find her to be consistently helpful. She helps me talk about my feelings and solve the problems facing me in life. I haven’t finished with my counseling yet, but I really feel better.”

— Anonymous 

” I went to Lucinda Mitchell to help in putting together a marriage that was coming apart and wanted a better insight on myself and marriage. Lucinda helped give me a better understanding of myself and why I reacted the way I did when issues came up jeopardizing my marriage. I was separated from my partner at the time I began to see Lucinda and I can happily say we are now back together in an improved marriage. I would definitely recommend Lucinda.”

— Anonymous